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  • Over 350 built-in mathematic functions
  • Standard deviation, regression analysis, base arithmetic and derivatives
  • List data link function and list based statistics
  • 7KB memory for program
  • Clear, large display shows graphs and complex, multi-line calculations

Package Dimensions: 25x168x182

Details: Great for students and teachers in the sciences, engineering, or mathematics, the Casio FX7400G PLUS graphing calculator offers basic and advanced functions including fractions (conversion, mixed numbers, and decimals), standard deviation, regression analysis, and base arithmetic. You can create tables of values from given functions and then generate plots and graphs from those tables. Simultaneously, you can store, graph, trace, and analyze up to 10 functions and, in addition, up to four pictures can be stored and used as backgrounds for comparing graphs.The calculator has single- and double-variable statistics graphing, including box and whisker plots, median-median lines, histograms, scatter plots, X-Y lines, and broken lines. It also offers single- and double-variable list-based statistics calculations including descriptive values and linear, quadratic, logarithmic, exponential, and power regressions. The list editor creates, edits, and manages six separate data lists, and the data can be exchanged between list and table modes. With the sketch feature, you can draw points and horizontal and vertical lines on any graphic display.There is 8 KB of available memory which can store up to 38 programs and allows for user-defined programs and formulas. In case of accidental shutoff, the memory is maintained. The calculator takes two AAA and one lithium-ion backup battery and comes with a hard, protective slide-in case. The Casio FX7400G PLUS comes with a one-year limited warranty. –Dana Van Nest Product description The Casio fx-7400G offers many advanced graaphing capabilities. It is recommended for the following courses: Pre-Algebra, Algebra l & ll, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, AP Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Engineering.

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Casio FX-7400G Graphing Calculator