HP HP30S Scientific Calculator with Multi-Colored Faceplates


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Color: Multicolor


  • Soft-edge keys and generous key spacing for easy operation
  • Includes extra colored faceplates
  • 2-line display
  • Constant mode allows appending of equations
  • Equation solver for simultaneous quadratic and linear equations

Package Dimensions: 38x244x240

Details: Product description

250 Functions – 2 Line(s) – 10 Character(s) – LCD – Battery Powered – 3.20″ x 6.13″ x 0.50″


Who says cell phones get to have all the fun? This scientific calculator, with its extensive functions and robust programmability, boasts two colored faceplates, letting your inner colors fly. With a two-line, 7 x 5 dot-matrix display, you can see more, and with over 65 math and statistical features, you can do more.
The HP30S’s built-in arithmetic functions include +, -, *, /, %, 1/x, +/-, plus ln, X, ex, n!, yx, log x, 10x, x², and pi. Additional functions include fractions, trigonometry, hyperbolic, root finder, and statistical analysis. The algebraic entry is intuitive, and no worries if you make a mistake–simply edit the command-line history. Scientific features are broad as well, ranging from polar/rectangular and angle conversions to decimal hours, minutes, seconds conversions and arithmetic unit conversions. The calculator can convert fractions to decimals as well as decimals to fractions.
Combining compact size, contemporary styling, and exceptional features, the calculator is ideal for students ranging from middle school algebra all the way up to high school and college-level trigonometry. Two faceplates are included, one in deep purple and one in translucent turquoise.
The HP30S uses two LR44 batteries and includes a one-year warranty.

UPC: 025184252939

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HP HP30S Scientific Calculator with Multi-Colored Faceplates