Stainless Steel Hot Food Server 2000ml


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Color: Stainless Steel


  • Hot Food Server is a stainless steel capsulated appliance for the preservation of the cooked foods.
  • Stainless steel – offers durability, great looks and fantastic results
  • It is a table/serving/storing ware with insulation provision to control for a reasonable length.
  • Hot Food Server insulation is not only done to the body and also to the lid.
  • Keeps hot food hot and Cold food cold for longer time.

Package Dimensions: 80x100x1814

Details: Premier Stainless Steel Cookware combines high-grade stainless steel with superior design features that ensure faster and more elegant cooking options. The size, shape and beauty of the stainless steel medium allow for many attractive cookware options that combine to make Premier Stainless Steel Cookware with look and style that meet the demand of the millennium.

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Stainless Steel Hot Food Server 2000ml