Casio FX250HC Basic Scientific Calculator


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Brand: Casio

Color: Black


  • Basic scientific, exponential, and trigonometric calculator
  • Slide-on hard case
  • Hard plastic keys
  • Battery operated, auto power off
  • Easy to use

Package Dimensions: 20x145x159

Details: For math and science students, Casio has created the FX250 scientific calculator–an indispensable tool from high school onward, in lab classes and for exams. The FX250 features complex number calculations, independent memory, and constants for addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Plus, powered by two type UM-3 batteries, it supports up to 4,000 hours of continuous use. A power-saving function automatically shuts the unit off after five minutes of inactivity to save your batteries.The clear, readable eight-digit LCD displays exponents up to 10 +/- 99 through 6 + 2 digits. You can call upon parenthesis calculations up to six levels, plus convert between polar and rectangular coordinates in three-mode angular measurements (DEG, RAD, GRA). You can also compute statistics using the standard deviation function.Use the FX250 for basic scientific functions to complete your assignments and lab work. Providing one independent and three constant memory keys, the Casio FX250 has a pragmatic key layout, making this an easy-to-use scientific calculator. It offers the most important functions you’ll need, and a carrying case to boot.

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Casio FX250HC Basic Scientific Calculator